ReMag Setup

The basic ReMag magwell system with the magwell and feed line.

Get adapters

For magazines with pre-installed adapters.

$20 + Cost of Magazine

Add this to your cart for each magazine you are sending in.


Sending in a mag?

ReMag order form with a pen

Order & Ship

Send in one magazine per gun to the address listed int he order form below:

3D model of magazine and adapter


Adapters will be modelled and printed unique to each magazine.

Airsoft pistol with adapter next to an air hose

Fit & Test

HPA fittings will be installed and pressure tested.

Customer's order resting in front of a shipping box


Your mags and magwell will be returned to the address provided in the order.

Camo-clad man holding a WE G19 with a ReMag conversion kit


The ReMag system is ready-to-run when it comes in; connect air, fill it with BB's, and go!

Add-on Accessories