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Remote magwells for HPA

What is a ReMag?
The ReMag remote-magwell system allows any HPA-Ready gas pistol or rifle to be fed from a standard M4 mid- or high-cap magazine without putting the bulk on the gun itself. The feed-line extends off an adapter next to the already present gas-line and connects into the magwell on the user’s belt or vest. Aesthetically discrete, it also makes it easy and cost effective to set up multiple guns for HPA!
Reliable Feeding
Tension comes the feed-line, a bowden spring; meaning even weak- or slow-feeding magazines can be used reliably! A short stretch of the line lets the magazine load BB's into the system while adding the feed pressure needed to move BB's from belt the gun!
Regulated air is precise air; if you enjoy tuning guns, you need the precision that comes with HPA. Propane and Green Gas can vary wildly from 40-150PSI just from temperature; halt the fluctuations and your gun can be spec'd to operate how you want! HPA let's you pick a pressure that gives you the FPS you want, then size the springs to fully absorb the recoil!
The downside of HPA; the hose, which would normally require swapping (and purchasing) magazines every 20-30 shots. A ReMag system gets around this by feeding BB's from an inexpensive, standard AEG magazine to an inexpensive adapter on the gun. Keep the system fed with BB's and air and you can operate for a very, very long time!
Even better, adapters are lightweight and inexpensive while the bulk and cost of the system is stowed on a belt or vest. This makes adapting collections of guns very cost effective, as only one magwell is needed for all the guns you own! Eyeballing a Makarov? A HiCapa? One of the tiny little CT25's? Get an adapter for each and they'll all be ready to run!
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