Who am I?

I’m Kevin; a product designer with a background in electronics and a passion for airsoft.

19 years ago I got into airsoft with a cheap springer, getting into AEG’s with a clone CYMA AK47 that I still have to this day!

After a few years of college studying for a Bachelors in EE, I had to return home to deal with unexpected health problems. A slow recovery later and I’ve been back to rebuilding airsoft guns and putting ideas into practice!

Alaskan scenery in the summer, overlooking the bay.
Printed connector ends sitting on a 3D printer build plate

3D Printing

These things are amazing!

A fews years ago I picked up an Ender 3; a printer with a lot of customization potential. Over that time I’ve upgraded and expanded to even more capable machines; enabling new filament types and better and better quality!

It’s enabled me to prototype and design new ideas and changed the way I look at the design process where any design I dreamed up could be realized at relatively low cost; housings, adapters, accessories, you name it!

If you’ve been on the fence about a printer; do it! You won’t regret it!


Once I got into gas guns I started using an adapter to connect my pistols to a regular air compressor for testing, but realized after seeing the benefits of regulated air first hand that I too needed to jump on the HPA bandwagon.

I found that I could get around the problem of having to swap mags and hoses by remotely feeding BB’s into the base of the magazine, rather than from an attached drum, keeping weight off the gun and allowing me to HPA my entire collection with simpler adapters.

A couple years of refining brought me to where I am now; the proprietor of ReMag Airsoft LLC, which specializes in a remote magwell system for HPA-ready airsoft guns!

3D model of magazine and adapter