Prefab Adapters

These magazines are ready to go and come with an adapter and fitting already installed!

Prices are set at the cost of the base magazine + $20 for setup/components. You can also send in magazines and save money!

*Backordered magazines just need to be ordered in, usually adds less than a week extra lead time.

**Some prefabs, specifically those for uncommon gun models, may be set up on second-hand magazines acquired through personal purchases (eg. a CZ P09 with 4 extra magazines; one stays with the gun, the other 3 go to prefabs). These prefabs will be in good condition, and though some cosmetic wear may be present, function will always be guaranteed!

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Out of Stock/Not listed?

I can put an adapter on just about any gun, but I may not have a prefab listed for it yet. You can contact me if there’s a particular model you’re interested in and if I don’t have one on hand already I can look into acquiring a few to set up.

Remember, while some magazines may be impractical to source new or used, you can always send in a magazine to be fitted!