Common Questions

Man holding an FN57 with a ReMag conversion kit

How does it work?

The ReMag system is an HPA-conversion for gas airsoft guns; feeding BB's from a magwell attached to a belt or vest up to an adapter installed on the base of a magazine. A bowden spring connects the two and, when combined with a hi-cap magazine's internal ratcheting mechanism, is even capable of handling the feed tension!

If you want to see some demos, check out the playlist on YouTube, which I regularly update this with clips of guns I've restored and adapted to HPA!

Many airsoft pistols with adapters

What's the advantage?

In addition to keeping the bulk off the gun, the adapters are simple components that are inexpensive to implement; meaning it's very affordable to set up collections since any gun with an adapter can be fed from a single ReMag magwell.

CO2 regulator module on a magwell

What pressure should I use?

I generally run my personal guns in the 50-110PSI range, depending on the gun.

However, the PSI that your gun will perform best at will, of course, depend on it's compression, the size of the piston head, recoil/hammer springs, wear, lubrication, and performance of the magazine seals and valve porting.

On personal guns, I find the '"Cycle Pressure" of the gun by first putting on eye-protection (You're working with pressurized gases!) and start at a low PSI (~50PSI). The idea is to find the minimum PSI needed for the gun to make a complete cycle, which can often be indicated by the slide-catch engaging on an empty magazine.

Slowly, fire the gun while holding the slide-catch upwards and gradually increasing the pressure at my regulator in 5PSI increments until the slide-catch consistently locks the slide open; this is the "Cycle Pressure" of the gun and represents the minimum pressure needed for consistent operation.

*Note all adapters are tested at 115PSI before shipping. Be sure not to exceed the tested 115PSI of the ReMag adapters as doing so may risk damaging the integrity of the magazine! ALWAYS wear eye-protection and adequate face-protection when handling pressurized air-equipment!

ReMag'd KJW MK2 with a CO2 regulator module

Can you set up my _______?

Just about any gas airsoft gun that takes normal green-gas, propane, or duster-gas can be HPA'd. If there's access to the feed rail and room for a fitting, I can do it!

Punctures of two 12g CO2 adapters

What about CO2 guns?

Unfortunately, CO2 magazines often have different main-valve porting that keeps them from working properly at green-gas pressures.

It isn't impossible, requiring a CO2 conversion kit (usually retail about $40-$50USD), but is often impractical and may require machining.

Two white and brown huskies on grass

There's white furs in my package?

These are our two huskies and they are the reason there may be a couple white hairs included with your order.

We've requested the use of hair nets, but they have thus far failed to remain in compliance...

Shipping box with an order form

How long will it take?

Turnaround can vary from 1-7 days, with most pistol mags being the fastest to model adapters for, but even guns with a top-mounted fill valve (like many GHK's) can be threaded and tapped to accept air fittings.

ReMag order form

International shipping?

Currently, shipping is available for UK/EU orders through UPS.

You must provide a valid phone number and email address so that customs can get a hold of you for clearance on any last-mile paperwork.

If you are in the UK, UPS will request you fill out an RIF Declaration Form before they release the package for delivery. Fairly straightforward, as your order will fall under parts. You shouldn't need a UKARA license for parts imports, but UPS may still request one.


ReMag feedline with snap-clips

Check the tension in the feed line:

Is the feed line tensioned or holding tension? Hi-cap magazines have an internal ratchet that allows the line to be stretched, fill with BB's, and hold the tension from backfilling the magazine. Mid-cap magazines, however, lack an internal ratchet, meaning all feed pressure must come from the magazine and can't be stored in the bowden spring.

*New models of magwell have an updated ratchet system that takes over from the midcap, so any magazine that can reliably feed will work!

Airsoft magazines in a pile

Check your magazine:

Next, check that the magazine is loading BB's into the feed line. A fully-wound hi-cap magazine can usually feed it's entire 300-rnd capacity, but if the magazine is jamming or not fitting well you won't see BB's enter the feed line when you tension it.

Start with the feed line removed and insert an empty, unwound magazine. Gently pull the magazine down and insert a BB in the open feed line port; you should hear it drop through the magwell and into the magazine. If not, remove the magazine; if the stopper on the magazine isn't opening enough, there will be a BB sitting on top the magazine.

This can often be resolved by trimming back the stopper in the magazine little bits at a time, but if the magazine is too loose you may need to try a different-brand magazine (CYMA magazines have about a 1mm difference in the height of the latch point!).

Dirty and disassembled KWA 1911DS

Is the gun short-stroked?

Short-stroking can offer very snappy slide performance and kits are generally affordable and easy to install.

However, they also limit the ability of the slide to retract the nozzle clear of the feed lips. The ReMag system can produce a lot of feed pressure which can hold the nozzle forward in cases where the nozzle-springs are inadequate on their own. You can visualized this by slowly cocking the gun (without magazine) and holding the nozzle forward into the hop-up chamber. The slide would normally hit a point where it stops on the nozzle (still held forward manually) and begins to pull the nozzle back and away from the hop-up chamber; with a short-stroke kit, however, the slide may stop before it can pull the nozzle clear of the feed lips and allow the next BB to lift into place.

If you have a short-stroke kit on your gun and are having feeding issues, try the gun with the kit removed!


You can use the form here to contact me with questions on troubleshooting!